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Operation PAR is here to HELP! Whether you are concerned about your own drinking or drug use, or you are concerned about a loved one’s drinking and/or drug use, Operation PAR can HELP you break free from the effects of addiction. We offer a variety of services that help individuals and families Create the Life They Want!

When teen alcohol and drug use enters a family, it is devastating. We understand the fear and uncertainty this brings to everyday life and we offer many ways to bring your family back together. Your child’s safety and well being is paramount to us and we know that including you in every step of recovery is the only way to ensure the outcome you desire. We have been providing adolescent treatment services since 1985 and have the tools and experience to help you through this difficult time.

Prevention Services

Operation PAR, Inc. is a leader in the provision of research-proven prevention services. We believe that preventing the start of negative behavior is an important foundation of every healthy family and community. Our services include:

  • School-based targeted prevention for at-risk fourth graders in conjunction with the Pinellas County School Board
  • Prevention life skills for middle and high school-based adolescents
  • Parenting skills for parents of children from birth through adolescence, with a special focus on parents at risk of abuse and neglect
  • Prevention environmental strategies to change community norms
  • Prevention training and coaching for teachers

The Operation PAR treatment philosophy incorporates a comprehensive approach that includes prevention, intervention, and the right level of care for each teen. This approach ensures that you and your family receive all the services needed to assist in the recovery process to create the family life you want.

Our Outpatient Treatment

You can engage in an effective assessment to set those goals either in person or through eServices. Effective outpatient treatment requires that you do not need a medical detoxification and that you do have a stable living and work/school environment.

Operation PAR Adolescent Outpatient Program Options include:
  • Services, a private web-based platform for both individual and group sessions with specially trained and certified e-counselors
  • Enhanced Outpatient with several contacts per week
  • Gender Specific and Co-ed Groups
  • Individual, Family and Group Counseling
We are here to support your teen’s strategies for recovery by:
  • Learn and practice tools and techniques to help strengthen their life
  • Improve and stabilize their school environment
  • Develop safe coping skills and build a supportive network of friends and family
  • Reduce risks to their health
  • Identifying strengths to achieve their goals

Need Outpatient Treatment?

Our adolescent outpatient services offer your teen the ability to assess and identify the critical needs in life and offer you the support and strategies to achieve your family goals.

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Our Residential Treatment: Academy for Behavioral Change

Operation PAR Academy for Behavioral Change provides residential substance abuse treatment for teens ages 13 through 17 years old. Your family is involved every step of the way to ensure a smooth transition back to your home with the support and guidance of a caring, qualified team of professionals.

Admission is based on individual clinical needs, overseen by a Board Certified adolescent psychiatrist. A multi-disciplinary treatment team works with each teen and family to deliver a wide array of behavioral health services including:

  • Continuing Care programming
  • Onsite Pinellas County High School and Vocational Education
  • Drug screen monitoring
  • Case Management
  • Behavioral Modification and Anger Management
  • Recreation and Art Therapy
  • Individual and Gender-Specific Group Counseling
  • Screening and Diagnostic Assessment

Interested in Academy for Behavioral Change?

Evidence-based programming is at the core of treatment services. The improved well-being of each individual and family is the ultimate goal. Professional staff members utilize a strength-based, individualized approach to help empower participants to overcome addiction and lead a sober life.

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Affordable treatment is available

Our treatment philosophy is a comprehensive approach that includes prevention, intervention, and the right level of care for each individual. This ensures that you and your family receive all the services YOU need to Create the Life You Want!

Our goal is to assist you and your family to improve your quality of life to become aware, responsible, happy and healthy!

We have the tools to help you choose the right path to make the right choices!