Medical Detoxification

Operation PAR is here to HELP! Whether you are concerned about your own drinking or drug use, or you are concerned about a loved one’s drinking and/or drug use, Operation PAR can HELP you break free from the effects of addiction. We offer a variety of services that help individuals and families Create the Life They Want!

Our kind, caring, and experienced medical staff will help ease the fear and discomfort that may come with physical withdrawal.  Our medical protocols are developed with safety and stability as a priority.  

The National Institute for Drug Abuse says medical detoxification, “safely manages the acute physical symptoms of withdrawal associated with stopping drug use.” However, this is one of the first stages in addiction treatment. Individuals who seek medical detoxification often need long-term counseling, individual and family therapy, and other social services to help them get back on their feet.”

Operation PAR develops comprehensive plans for all of our medical detox patients. Through this process, we can support individuals throughout the detox process and for several months after to safely guide the recovery process.  

There are two types of medical detoxification offered by Operation PAR: inpatient and outpatient. We recommend patients to one of these options based on their lifestyle, needs, and support options available. 


Inpatient Services

During inpatient detoxification, patients stay at our facilities until the process is complete. Along with a physical health screening, Operation PAR’s inpatient detoxification program includes a psychosocial assessment, medically monitored detoxification, and stabilization for individuals dependent on drugs and alcohol who meet the admission criteria.

Your time in detox will vary based on your needs, and the average length of stay ranges between 72 hours and six days. We treat all with care, kindness and respect, and take steps to thoroughly prepare you for your recovery journey.

  • Case management
  • Group education
  • Family counseling
  • Individual counseling
  • Physical health screening
  • 24-hr medical supervision

During the detoxification process, Operation PAR staff will help you develop a care plan that may include referrals to community, educational, legal, and social services. These recommendations are made based on individual needs and are meant to help you regain your life and stability after your physical detoxification.

Our Outpatient Services

After our initial assessment, you may be eligible for our outpatient detox program. Outpatient services are similar to inpatient care and use similar services, but patients do not necessarily live on campus during this time period. Outpatient detox typically takes longer than inpatient care, as our medical staff needs to make sure you don’t relapse outside of our center or face risk factors that make it easy to fall into old habits.   

Outpatient detox ranges from 10 to 14 consecutive days, for four hours a day, and personal transportation is required. Short term living arrangements may be provided while participating in the outpatient detox program. Our room and board options are meant for patients who are in need of an environment conducive to recovery.

Operation PAR Outpatient Detox Options include:
  • Lunch is provided
  • Additional resources as needed
  • Individual counseling
  • Individual counseling
  • Daily medical monitoring

Visit Our Detoxification Center

Operation PAR’s inpatient and outpatient service centers are located at our Highpoint Campus in Clearwater, Florida. You can reach us at:

Highpoint Campus

(727) 538-7243
6150 150th Avenue North
Clearwater, FL  3360

Our Highpoint location in Pinellas County is located near Pinellas Technical College and High Point Elementary School. Visitors traveling by PSTA bus can get off on 150th Ave North by taking route 52. There are stops at Operation PAR and directly across the street, so you can easily reach us regardless of your direction.  

Learn more about our Highpoint center, including directions and operation hours, at the Pinellas County location page.

Discuss Your Treatment Needs With Operation PAR

If you or someone you know is in need of a medical detox due to substance use, don’t wait. The time to take back your life from addiction is now. 

Our treatment philosophy is a comprehensive approach that includes prevention, intervention, and the right level of care for each individual. This ensures that you and your family receive all the services YOU need to Create the Life You Want! 

Talk to a counselor on how we can assist you. Call us 24 hours a day, seven days a week in our Access Center at 888-PAR-NEXT (888-727-6398).

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