Outpatient Services

Operation PAR is here to HELP! Whether you are concerned about your own drinking or drug use, or you are concerned about a loved one’s drinking and/or drug use, Operation PAR can HELP you break free from the effects of addiction. We offer a variety of services that help individuals and families Create the Life They Want!

Operation PAR’s outpatient services provide youth and adults with opportunities to address substance use disorders, mental health conditions, and other concerns in an outpatient setting. 

Through outpatient treatment, Operation PAR also provides therapeutic services that include group counseling and random drug screening to prevent relapse. Effective outpatient treatment requires that you do not need medical detoxification and that you do have a stable living and work/school environment.

Outpatient services by Operation PAR cover a variety of mental, physical, and emotional health needs. You may not need all of the services we offer with our outpatient treatment, but we will always offer them and review their benefits with patients.

Learn What Our Outpatient Services Include:
  • Referrals for continuing care
  • Psychiatric evaluations and treatment
  • Random drug screening
  • Family counseling
  • Life management skills
  • Structured individual and/or group therapeutic counseling
  • HIV and Hepatitis risk education
  • Physical health screenings
  • Psychosocial assessments

Why choose Operation PAR?

Each patient is treated as an individual and placed in the appropriate level of care. Your needs and treatment plan are determined by an initial assessment, and/or an in-depth psychiatric evaluation.

As you work through your outpatient treatment plan, we may encounter specific additional needs that are not part of our outpatient services program. This is fairly common and not a problem for our trained staff. Operation PAR works closely with community organizations and can recommend you for various support groups and community or legal resources when appropriate.

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Seek Treatment Through Adolescent Outpatient Services

Operation PAR’s Adolescent Outpatient Program provides therapy for youth and family whose substance use problems are not severe enough to require residential treatment. Participation in this program is based on the initial screening and assessment.  

Our professional staff members use a combination of Motivational Enhancement Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (MET/CBT) to work with youth who are fighting substance use. These might be the children with an unstable home life or students who perform poorly academically. This program typically lasts five sessions.  

Adolescents navigating the legal system who join Operation PAR’s outpatient service program also receive support from the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice. The probation officer or other representative assigned to their case is involved in the outpatient process, and their recommendations are taken into consideration objectively along with our own assessments. 

Many of the services offered to adult patients in our outpatient service programs are offered to adolescents and families as well.

Find Outpatient Services Offered By Operation PAR

Operation PAR has three main outpatient service centers in Pinellas County, across St. Petersburg, Clearwater, and Largo. Services may vary by campus, and our team may recommend a different treatment center in Pinellas County than the one closest to you. However, our staff always tries to take into consideration the needs of our patients, and will look for an outpatient service center nearby. The three main locations are:

Outpatient Largo

(727) 499-2335
13800 66th Street North
Largo, FL  33771

Outpatient Highpoint

(727) 524-4311
6150 150th Avenue North
Clearwater, FL  33701

Outpatient South

(727) 893-5444
2000 Fourth Street South
St. Petersburg, FL  33705

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For 24/7 Help Call 1-888-727-6398

If you think you or someone you know qualifies for Operation PAR’s outpatient programs, contact us today. You can reach out directly online or call our Access Center at 888-PAR-NEXT (888-727-6398).  

Our goal is to assist you and your family to improve your quality of life to become aware, responsible, happy and healthy. We have the tools to help you choose the right path to Create the Life You Want!