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Operation PAR is here to HELP! Whether you are concerned about your own drinking or drug use, or you are concerned about a loved one’s drinking and/or drug use, Operation PAR can HELP you break free from the effects of addiction. We offer a variety of services that help individuals and families Create the Life They Want!

Operation PAR treats women in a gender-specific, gender-sensitive manner. We believe that women experience the best results in programs developed specifically for them. The Operation PAR women’s services program is tailored to every patient’s needs so they can receive the best possible care.    

We have developed special expertise in providing compassionate, professional, research-driven, holistic services to women in Pinellas County and surrounding areas. Operation PAR has been a leader in women’s treatment since 1985. We know women need specialized care. 

Get to know a few of the services we offer specifically for women to ease their transition into the next phase of their lives.


All of our treatment plans at Operation PAR start with a personal assessment. Along with caring for the women we work with, the team at Operation PAR offers specialized child welfare assessments to make sure the children are taken care of and have everything they need.  

Each of our assessments is tailored to the patient and her family. The women who come to us will never feel pushed toward one-size-fits-all solutions or treatment options that aren’t appropriate for their needs.


Once the assessment is complete, we suggest a variety of intervention options as part of our Operation PAR women’s services plan. These options include parenting and educational groups for women and mothers who are looking to get their lives back on track.

These groups provide a variety of services to the community, including:
  • Family therapy for women and their children.
  • Child services for your children and education options for students.
  • Parenting classes and preparation for expectant mothers.
  • Education options and vocational training for women of all ages.

Not all women need to work with every group, which is why we look at each case on an individual level.

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Additional Services

Women who seek treatment through Operation PAR will receive support based on their individual needs. Our case management structure is meant to help those who need it most, but also to take steps back when patients can stand on their own two feet. We regularly evaluate the women who use our services to see if their needs are changing as they move through the treatment process.

Many women seek out Operation PAR’s outpatient services because of their convenience. We have multiple locations in Pinellas County to help women and their families. Effective outpatient treatment requires that you do not need a medical detoxification and that you have a stable living and work or school environment. 

Operation PAR accepts Medicaid for its outpatient services. Women who take advantage of this program will receive random drug screening to prevent relapse. 

The Operation PAR women’s services program also includes resources for small children between birth and six years of age, and treatment for any delays in physical, mental, and educational development.   

Each child receives an individualized education plan based on the results of age-appropriate assessments. Those presenting with major skill deficits receive referrals for speech, physical, and mental health therapies. Teachers work with families to enhance family relationships and demonstrate bonding and nurturing techniques in a safe environment. 

Women can also use our Medication Assisted Patient Services (MAPS) treatment program. For individuals addicted to opiates/opioids (pain pills, heroin, Oxycontin, etc.). Operation PAR’s MAPS Programs have a proven track record for improving the quality of life for patients. 

Individuals who choose to enroll in our MAPS program have access to a variety of other resources, including regular counseling by trained staff and specialized treatment for pregnant women.

Operation PAR provides residential substance use treatment for women based on their clinical needs. The length of stay will vary from patient to patient. Most individuals enroll in a short-term program at our Largo campus. Our Largo residential center offers weekly art classes, including painting and sculpting, to aid in the mental health of the women who stay there. Women who complete Operation PAR’s residential program will have a better understanding of addiction and to approach relapse risk factors in the future.  

Women in need of detox services can also take advantage of our inpatient and outpatient detox options.  

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We believe in a comprehensive approach that includes prevention, intervention, and the right level of care for each individual. This ensures that you and your family receive all the services YOU need to Create the Life You Want!